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Abuse address not reported by SC

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Why does this abuse address appear on whois, but doesn't even get reported at SC? - ( - APNIC SC-MY-IDC)

here's another one:


whois identifies abuse[at]web.com but it doesn't even show up when spamcop parses...

once again, i add it to the LART, and it doesn't show up...

however, this time, it actually LARTed abuse[at]web.com, it just didn't bother to tell me about it...

this seems like a bug to me... :blink:

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Looks like a candidate for its own topic salamandir, especially since previous query marked "Resolved".

I note CHINANET SICHUAN in APNIC role: data says

e-mail: scipadmin2013[at]189.cn

remarks: send anti-spam reports to scipadmin2013[at]189.cn

remarks: send abuse reports to scipadmin2013[at]189.cn

Observation and this response split from parent topic http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14303 (and posted in this more appropriate "Routing / Report Address Issues" section).

PM sent

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