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never ending story-spam


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SpamCop might prefer not to officially reference/recommend the services of a third party (the CBL) over which they have no control and with which they share no commercial interest. Reporters however can make their own judgements and include a helpful note if they wish. As the official SC FAQ says "A brief, personal note like this will make your spam report much more credible." (https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/126.html). It may be a waste of time ... or it might make a difference.

There are huge net ranges in the Ukraine (I recall seeing) with almost every IP address listed in the CBL indicating the resources (servers) connected to those networks are under the control of criminals. Networks such as those are not likely to be making use of abuse reports or they should have some success before now in re-asserting control. And it is not only (some) in the Ukraine. You can explore internet reputation, including CBL listing, through checking IP addresses in http://www.senderbase.org/ as a starting point (SB is another CISCO company, same as SpamCop). Elsewhere in that SenderBase site you will see average daily spam currently ranges between 36,000,000,000 and 272,000,000,000 (though most of it will never be seen due to filtering). That's each day. Real messages are only 10-15% of those figures. There's no single solution. All that SC reporters can do for their part is report as much as they are are comfortable with and (maybe) enhance their reports, choosing when and how to make the effort, if they believe it might help.

No-one has a magic bullet to end the insanity that is mass spam. But even individual SC reporters might make a little difference generally (in some cases specifically). Reporting is an altruistic activity though most reporters want to "hit back" also - but it is unlikely to benefit the reporter directly or immediately. Your first priority is maybe getting "your" spam filtered out of your inbox. That way spam will not affect you so much (drive you mad) and you can maybe pick and choose what to report out of the spam/junk box (newest is better than older). Just be aware there are possibly some real mail items wrongly identified as spam with any filter, you need to check and retrieve those.

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