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Todays Odd spam


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I have gotten two of these. The first I got several days ago and just assumed there was some newbie playing with his new toy. With more thought today I still don't see the point.

Looking at the source I don;t see anything that will go back to the sender or anywhere. I don't see this having a payload

			<a href='http://www.google.com'> </a>
			<img src ='test.gif'height="0" width="0">

Maybe it is a kid with a new toy.

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A couple of techniques there that could be adapted to anything from "web bugs" (of several degrees of intrusiveness) to "drive-by" exploits. Not for nothing do security types recommend not opening e-mails from unknown sources - and the more extreme decry the advent of the HTML e-mail back in 1999 and resolutely use only plain text mail clients (or set their mail clients to "text only") to this very day.

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Got yet another today. they still haven't figured out how to use the web bug.

Does anyone know anything about "X-Brightmail-Tracker:"? I need to do a search on that. I'm assuming that with those lines in the header when they read the spam report they could see who reported them/which list or bot sent the spam.

Anyway, the dance goes on.

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