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mail.mil getting tagged, parser reading software version as IP

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Tracking URL:


thought it was odd when it suggested the source was and wanted to direct the report to mail.mil. Not that that would be impossible, but looking at the header line

Received: from mail6.bemta7.messagelabs.com
by mail.asme.org (IceWarp x64) with ESMTP id 201504290744006092
for <x>; Wed, 29 Apr 2015 07:44:00 -0400

I googled and apparently IceWarp is a server software and is the version number.

So, not sure if the problem is on the mailserver side (is that received line RFC compliant?) or on the parser side, but is not part of the chain.

Cancelled the report, but thought I'd post this in case it comes up again or can be fixed.

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