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No checkboxes in Spam reporting screen


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I am currently registered as a free user of spamcop and have mailhosts activiated and submit spams via email.

At the bottom of the reporting page, just below "Send spam Report(s) Now" it says:

"ATTENTION: Report only those e-mail addresses and web sites that you think your spammer has used. Avoid checking any boxes left empty unless you know that your spammer has used the addresses or sites thus identified. Each false report that you submit means wasted time for a network administrator, so take care. The last thing SpamCop wants are network administrators so accustomed to false claims that they no longer take these spam reports seriously. "

I have some cases where legit non-spam URI's are included in a spam email and would like the ability to do precisly what this message says to do: Not send reports to those domains. However, I don't have any check boxes to check or uncheck on the screen. It lists each report that will be sent, but its either all or nothing.

Currently, I have to cancel the entire report if only 1 domain in the email is not a real spammer.

Is this normal behavior?


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