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spamsource problem


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I've been using the spamsource in my email to prepare messages to submit to spamcop. but lately I've been getting the following error message when I submit the case to spamcop.

Finding links in message body

Parsing text part

error: couldn't parse head

Message body parser requires full, accurate copy of message

More information on this error..

no links found

I looked at the message and tried to view the source code but nothing comes up. Is this something the Spammers have just discovered and started using?

Does anyone know a way around it? There are links in the message body and I should be allowed to see the source code but I can't.

Any help would be appreciated.



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SpamSource that you refer to is a third-party tool. Though there may be some here that use it, I believe you'd better luck going to whatever resources the author of SpamSource provides. The confusion factor you're tossing in here by using terms such as "source code" isn't helping. Though you mention using Outlook, there are serveral different versions of that application out there, and some have various "improvements" involved. This might make a difference also ..??

Might you also be doing too much at once? The extra "tools" mentioned are to help work around Outlook's issues, but then you mention use of the two-part form also ... this kind of doesn't fly with your original "using spamsource in my e-mail" .. but probably the difference between what you were thinking and what I'm reading.

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Too funny, I admit guilt on the accusation. Your post seemed to fit in so nice with Merlyn's question of "what is a spamsource" ... you're right, I didn't even look at the poster's name. Apologies to you, guess I'll flip the channel back to the original poster once again and say huh? <g> Thanks for the pointer.

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