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problem posting HTML spam from Eudora

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When I post HTML mail from Eudora into a two part input I get the message:

Input not in broken outlook or eudora format

Sorry, cannot process input. The spam you submitted appears to be in a format compatible with SpamCop's default one-part submission form. Please use that submission method, rather than the Outlook/Eudora workaround method. The workaround is only designed to address certain deficiencies in Microsoft Outlook and Eudora. The workaround system is not intended to solve other problems.

but if I forward the mail it bounces with the message:

SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing:

Message forwarded in html wrapper.

When forwarding spam, use a MIME attachment or text-type message with

the spam enclosed. Do not send spam in HTML format. Sometimes this

error is caused by using a "resend" feature to forward spam.

HTML spam should be sent in text (source code) format.

If I paste both the headers and the HTML source ( from the Eudora View Source command ) into a one-part submission form the mail is processed correctly.

The two-part form always used to work for me - is this a new ruse by the spammers?

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I can't really get too excited over your snippet sample, as there is much more involved ... first glance suggests that the basic construct is OK, but without seeing headers, can't say that it's actually "good" .... Look a bit closer and one sees that the HTML construct has some issues, like the missing </a> ... but this could be due to your cut/paste/snippage .. so not much sense jumpiing on that ...

Generically, the Outlook/Eudora "problems" are due to the handling of certain structures and contents .. one of which is the handling of the boundary lines of a multi-part HTML construct ... this one seems to show boundary lines intact and correctly structured , but ...

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this one seems to show boundary lines intact and correctly structured , but ...

That might be the actual "problem" being seen by the OP. Becuase they are correct and the 2 part parser expects them to be wrong, it is saying to use the 1 part form which does indeed work for this message.

I think the original question basically is, should spamcop require people using the same configuration (always Eudora) to switch back and forth between the 1 part and 2 part form. I think not as they need to post it to one, get an error and then re-post it to the one part form. I would hope the 2 part form could also handle spam that would otherwise work in the 1 part form, not force them to copy/paste it in again.

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