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When I report spam, I want it to show in Held Mail

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I have a spamcop email account. I also report spams whenever Spamcop's filters miss them and they show up in my In Box.

When I report the spam, I want it to show up in my Held Mail with all the other emails that Spamcop already caught. Then I can batch-report them with one click.

I don't know how to do this.

Can anyone help?



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If the messages are still inside webmail, select the message(s) and use the pull down that says "Messages to" to select the Held Mail folder and click the Move link next to it.

If the messages have been forwarded or POPped to another location, your best be is to setup an IMAP connection to transfer them back into the Held Mail folder.

As stated, if you give us more specifics, we can help more.

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