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Unable to forward to Spamcop Spam getting through

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Jeff of spamcop, cannot understand how I cannot submit examples of e-mail that "by-passes" Spamcop i.e. does not register in my in-tray, yet appears to arive directly to my Outlook Express or Incredimail In Tray.

He advised me to "Drag and Drop" the spam directly into my "New Mail" so he can veiw the full registration details.

BUT as soon as I begin the drag the new message window (even the smaller window version) will minimise into the lower toolbar.

Does anyone know how I can drag and drop spam into new mail?

For ads Jeff says "This must include the headers as the important headers are the Received: lines which You never see in your email program, but they're in the original email."

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First, there are multiple people named "Jeff" who offer advice on the use of SpamCop, so you'll have to be more specific. Jeff T. (known in the SpamCop Newsgroups as JT and here as jefft) runs the SpamCop Email System, the these Forums, and the SpamCop Newsgroups, while I moderate these Forums and help out on the Newsgroups.

To answer your question, please review Outlook Express 4, 5 and 6 and let us know whether or not that helps you.


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