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Webmail screen anomolies

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I have been using the Spamcop webmail interface to administer my four email accounts (me and the kids) for a couple of weeks and note a couple of anomolies that serve to drastically increase the amount of mouse use and effort needed to browse through messages.

Firstly, to report a message as spam, you either have to tag it, click report and then confirm, or open the message and click report. However, if you do this, then Spamcop adds two lines to the top of the NEXT message (saying it has been reported and deleted), confusing) and as a result the position of of the icon to choosed next or last message is moved making browsing through messages a question of seeking and finding the icon each time, instead of just clicking the mouse. (Not helped by the scroll bar o the right on some messages.) A keyboard shortcut would help, or a two-frame list with the message list left and message body right.

And another little gripe... to find this forum I ended up doing a Google on "Spamcop Forums" because it isn't mentioned in the Spamcop Mail

In addition, it is strange to find "filters" as a mail option in the tool bar, but blacklists hidden away in the cet up menu. Also strange that Held mail in the toolbar is not the same as open folder: held mail on the right. :unsure:



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I will not be able to address all your issues, hopefully someone else will be able to.

it is strange to find "filters" as a mail option in the tool bar, but blacklists hidden away in the cet up menu

An understanding of how the mail system is setup will help to understand why filters and blacklists are handled completely different.

The web mail interface is actually an IMAP Client and is where the filters abide and has no direct connection with the mail server (Administration is completely separate)

The blacklists and whitelists reside on the mail server and work independant of the Web Mail Interface. The Web Mail Interface does provides links back to the mail server to make it simplier for users to manage their account.

You might be interested in the following topic.

Webmail filtering - custom filters, All this client-side/server-side malarky

Information about structure (Reporting vs Email)

There was a very good post describing the two separate halfs of SpamCop (Reporting / EMail) but am having a hard time finding it again, will post link when I do. In the mean time the following posts do provide some information

See Wazoo's comment near end of replies

More info on support structure

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