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I've had SpamCop for a year or two now - and my computer had to be reformatted last week.

I had the program on my outlook toolbar to report/send the e-mails but I cannot find that program on your site any longer. Please advise where I may find this download.

I tried sending a report last night to the appropriate address with the spam e-mail attached. This morning I had a reply that SpamCop encountered errors - "SpamCop could not find your spam message in this e-mail" Yet the spam I reported WAS visible to me in the error reply!

I would really like the old format back! (click one button and it is sent)



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See this FAQ


that 'button' must have been a third-party add-on to Outlook. Outlook is incapable of forwarding email in the right format. When you reformatted you lost the add-on. The FAQ provides links to two such third-party programmes: it didn't come fron SpamCop direct.

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