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370 spams in 3 hours

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i just had 370 spams get through the filter. At this rate I wont renew the subscription. it seems to be pretty much a waste of time. Almost all of them are mail delivery complaints, why the f**k cant spamcop automatically flag failed delivery crap respodning to spoofed mail? without filtering these, spamcop is useless.

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Almost all of them are mail delivery complaints

Yes they are a pain, but they are not spam. The only way to currently deal with them is by using filters, (on the SpamCop side, if you use the Web Mail Interface) or on your Client side.

For the future, please note that the forum has been broken up into varrious sections to make it easier to get help.

SpamCop help (for help with the reporting service) does not relate to your question

SpamCop Email (where this should have been posted

SpamCop Email Setup (another possible place to post this question if the intent and question is how do I setup my account to filter out mail delivery complaints)

MailHosts System Beta Test

SpamCop Lounge (open to any question or comment that does not fit above)

Testing (a place to test things, experiment with posting etc. Do not expect any reply to posts placed here - it is not the place for ANY questions)

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