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My freeserve/wanadoo problem progress

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As some people may know.. freeserve users are unable to accept messages from spamcop users.. how useless of freeserve, why did they block spamcop?

After numerous emails asking for mail headers etc... here is my progress.. they start off as if its a new query!!! Lamers.

Their message to me

Quoting Wanadoo Customer Service <customer-service[at]uk.wanadoo.com>:

> Dear Tom,


> Thank you for your email.


> First of all, we'd like to apologise for the problems you're having.


> Wanadoo is aware that anti-spam software such as SPAMHAUS and SPAMCOP,

> are blocking some Wanadoo IP ranges, resulting in the error message you

> have mentioned.


> Here's the technical bit: an IP address is a bit like a telephone

> number. Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP address in

> the form of a four-number code. All Wanadoo customers are assigned a

> dynamic IP address. This means that when you connect you could easily be

> assigned a different IP address than on the previous session. When spam

> listings are compiled, they assume most people on the Internet have a

> fixed IP address (in other words, an IP address that does not change)

> which is not the case.


> Your email address has not been banned, but the IP address assigned to

> your connection may have been.  A resolution to the problem is currently

> being investigated.


> To help us assist you, it would help us if you would forward the header

> of a returned email.  This will ensure that the IP address is cleared

> from the list, sooner rather than later.  Please note that the

> information must be sent as text and NOT as an attachment.

My reply:

Hello again,

The previous message had all the requested headers.

The problem is not spamcop blocking my messages.. but you blocking messages from spamcop/cesmail!

> Wanadoo is aware that anti-spam software such as SPAMHAUS and SPAMCOP,

> are blocking some Wanadoo IP ranges, resulting in the error message you

> have mentioned.

Spamcop may indeed be blocking wanadoo ip's but wanadoo will still be able to accept messages incoming to them... from spamcop/cesmail.

The problem is your servers are blocking spamcop/cesmail users from delivering messages to your customers (people on [at]username.freeserve.co.uk).

(techy info: uses server mail-in.freeserve.com).

This is not the case with your customer services uk.wanadoo.com address.

(techy info: uses servers fsmailrelaym1.core.theplanet.net, mailcore.theplanet.net and mailf1.core.theplanet.net).

I suggest your I.T. Administrator / Manager looks at the configuration for mail-in.freeserve.com and gives an explanation to why it will not accept messages from spamcop/cesmail.

As I have stated in the previous messages to this ticket.. the problem is NOT spamcop blocking wanadoo ip's (which is possible.. but would not affect my messages to wanadoo users - only messages that come directly from wanadoo dialup and adsl ip's). It is a problem with wanadoo (or the old freeserve mail-in server - both of which will be under your control and nothing to do with spamcop/cesmail) rejecting messages from spamcop/cesmail.

I hope this information makes my problem/ticket clearer.. if possible can I directly contact someone in the Technical Coordinations team as they may understand that this is a problem with internal systems to wanadoo/freeserve rather than a spamcop/cesmail generated problem.

Tom Brook - Mouselike.org

Anyone got any advice on how to slap them into being useful and looking at their servers ?

Tom - www.mouselike.org

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I'd say you explained it pretty well. And you make it pretty clear that you know that this isn't a brand new issue. One could go through here and offer up all the existing Topics raised by their customers that have came up with the same results, most of them also including that those users were going to contact thier end support folks .. but .. time goes on and still ....

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I've had the same problem with FreeServe, complete lack of comprehension of the problem from their support staff. No resolution as yet, I haven't got any current customers who use freeserve so I've given up trying to sort it out.

Perhaps getting the freeserve customer themselves to raise the query may help (although I doubt it).


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