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FAQ and pinned items


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The new FAQ link is great.

1st a general question, is it possible to lock a thread without making it a pinned item?

If so, the number of pinned items could be reduce by moving the "less important" (not a good term, but not sure how better to word it) into the back of the forum with them being accessed via the link in the FAQ directory.

If this is done, what about the following order for pinned items.

1) How to use this forum

2) Master Index of frequently ask questions (FAQ)

3) Iam blocked - what can I do this seems to be key item for newbies

Also you may what to consider breaking the list up

Placing the master index in Admistrative Messages below announcements

Then placing a sub set of that list in each of the other forums with the first entry being a link back to the Master Index

Just a suggestion.

What has been done so far is a great improvement.

Thanks to all, especially Wazoo for bring this together.

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Last one first ... at issue is that the links found all over the www.spamcop.net pages take folks into a sub-level of these Forums ... for instance, I've gotten some 'interesting' PMs relating to the fact that although a user followed a link into the Help Forum, was somehow convinced that this was the only Forum, and upon receiving a note from me about their post being moved to another Forum that they had no knowledge of .... others have recently bluntly stated that they'e intentionally set their bookmarks/favorites this way .. such that the Announcements Forum simply doesn't exist for these folks. I've sent e-mail (and dropped a number of comments around "here") that my desire would be to change all those links to bring folks in at the "top" of these Forums.

The original layout was based on being more of a mirror of the existing (and still under the threat to be removed) newsgroups. As noted on both sides of the fence, these Forums are not NNTP newsgroups.

And, more critical (?) ... what I've done thus far I see as (and very much hope is) only a temporary measure .... I'd so much more liked to have been spending the time filling in the blanks of the greatly expanded Forum configuration, which would have definitely been easier to add things to directly.

The how-to-use is just a bit out there right now .. heck, I'm still piecing together the how to use the SpamCop tool-set .. something that's been asked for since Julian first put the thing on-line ...

The order and such .. I'm going to point back to one of my other posts dealing with the Forum configuration http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1672 .. which of course, I know you've seen and participated in .. the too many Pinned items, for instance <g>

Moving, unpin, closed, etc .. just haven't gotten there yet. Unpinning can work, but noting that this also carries the 'panalty' of then also aging off of the default page conditions -30 days, I think. Not that important if linked to in the FAQ, but still want to make sure I'm done making changes before un-Pinning them (and today has been a changed-a-lot-of things day <g> .....

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