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SC gets too many links error


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If you check this report you will see that SC did not generate a spam report against the spamvertised website since there were too many links. And, if you check the links you will see that they are all the same except for the GET parameters passed (such as for a static page to a shopping cart).

I would like to suggest that instead of not generating any report for the spamvertised website that it check for this type of scenario and see that it is only the GET parameter(s) that are different and generate a single report


SC should generate the spamvertised website reports up to its internal limit (that causes the too many links error)

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Ok i started getting a repeat "hot teens preteens gay" email and it has 13 links in it, but when i submit it, spamcop says "too many links" so it doesnt do ANYTHING with the links. I have been editing the text of the email and cutting out half of them, submitting the email, and then submitting it again with the other half taken out.

What gives?

Can you up the number of links that spamcop can take on at once? its only like 8 now and if spammers catch wind of this, they will simply put a bunch of links in and then they are free of worry from spamcop.

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