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FAQ on viruses


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The following is a quote from

SpamCop Email System for Individuals

How does it work?

When email arrives at SpamCop, our systems go to work checking the email for viruses and spam. If the email has a virus, the entire email is removed and a warning is sent to your email address.

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I have not seen a single warning email message, has anyone received one? Or is this section of the FAQ out of date?

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That is out of date. At least a year ago, the messages were turned off when those messages were over burdening the existing servers (upgrades have been made since then) during one of the major virus outbreaks. There has never been a big push to request they be reinstated, so they remain off.

If they are ever reinstated, I would like them to be user configurable so those that don't want them don't have to get them and also to include at least the IP of the connecting server and the virus found so that information could be forwarded to the abuse/security desk of the responsible ISP.

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