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What is this "Spamcop security breach"?

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The text of an email sent to me from Spamcop follows. Can anyone tell me just what the significance of this might be? I haven't the faintest idea of what to make of it. Thanks!


Hello SpamCop user (or recipient of SpamCop reports),

We appologize for this email, but we felt it was important to let you know

of a recent security bug in the SpamCop codebase.

This problem was fixed within hours of its discovery, but unfortunately

your address was among the very small number that was revealed before

we were able to resolve the problem.

We want you to know that security remains our highest priority. We are

always working to ensure that your account information remains secure.

Please accept our sincere appologies for this serious oversight. If you

have any questions, comments or concerns you may reply to this email to

reach a SpamCop representative.

Thank you for your understanding,

- SpamCop management

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