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Newbie needs assistance

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First question is what kind of account do you have?

If it is a free account, forget about and just register for a new account.

If it is a paid account and you are interested in recovering the value of your remaining "fuel" there may be a few steps that you can take.

If you don't mind losing the value of your "fuel", the same advise applies. Just sign up for a new account.

If you want to look. Start with reviewing your sent message folder and see If you still have any copies of messages sent.

Check your received mail and see if you still have any copies of the SpamCop replies stating that the spam is ready to process.

Finally you could send a message to deputies <at> spamcop.net but I wonder if it is worth the effort, but they would definately need to know what e-mail address you had registered, especially if it happens to be diferent from the one you would be sending the message from.

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