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Perform a search on all forums for "routes.spamcop.net" and you will see several recent posts similiar to this with answers.


If you do this you may discover that the above two messages are the only ones

that mention "routes.spamcop.net"

Since all of my spams now have that as a reporting address, I have discovered that

we are just seeing a representation of where the email is going instead of showing

us the real address. :ph34r:

If you want to see past questions about routes1[at]routes.spamcop.net you will have to do a second search for older articles.

My latest spam report is:


and that was sent to: routes1[at]routes.spamcop.net

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Thanks, I found it. Before the original post I only searched for "routes1" and nothing showed up. :huh:

Anyway, there is something special about this particular spammer, because he has found a way to fool Brightmail (Comcast). I've been getting about 5/day of these for the last week (never seen them before that!), all different messages (except for the "routes1" clue), all have been reported to brightmail via the "This is spam" button, but yet they keep landing in the inbox 100% of the time :angry: . Brightmail better adjust their system, but this is a story for elsewhere.

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Im getting this reporting address, for all the spams being sent by provenservices.com . A Billy Waggoner (sp?) operation. He has about 1000 domains registered, that are using provenservices.com for spamming.


Here are some of the "subjects" of the spam being sent ( I am only getting the routes1 reporting address for these spams; Im now at received over 40 a day, for the last 2 weeks):

"Receive a Free Sony DVD Handycam"

Get a 30" Flat Screen- complimentary to you!

Women just can't resist.

Get great quality pictures with a Free 6.3 Megapixel Canon Camera!

Need to stop smoking?

-Complimentary Computer- Dell Inspirion Notebook

Want a Free Flat Screen?

They are pretty easy to spot because the "sender" usually have

Market, Newsletter, Research, Health in their names.

Of course being sent to a spamtrap, its hard for me to sign up for a newsletter I never agreed to receiving.

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