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Je m'occupe de la plateforme d'email de ma société.

J'ai deux adresses ip XXXX et YYYY.

Tous les jours j'ai XXXX listée et YYYY délistée, puis le lendemain XXXX délistée et YYYY listée

Je ne vois pas de raisons particulières a ces listages délistages.

Spamcop est la seule liste qui me pose des problèmes.


Avez vous une idée de ce que je dois faire pour sortir de cette situation.







I take care of the email platform of my company.

I have two IP addresses XXXX and YYYY.

Every day I have XXXX listed and YYYY delisted, then the next day XXXX delisted and YYYY listed

I do not see any particular reasons for these lists delistings.

Spamcop is the only list that causes me problems.

Do you have an idea of what I need to do to get out of this situation?




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Have you looked at SpamCop.net - IP Space Map?  That will provide some information as to why your IP addresses are being listed.

You or your ISP should also be receiving "spam Reports" from SpamCop.  These reports will include the spam reported to SpamCop which should help you identify the reason your IPs are being listed.

Also have you entered you IP at SpamCop.net - Blocking List ? There are also links on that page which may be helpful.

After checking these references you still have questions post them here. Members of this user-to-user group will try to help you solve your issues.

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5 hours ago, arsenick said:

I do not see any particular reasons for these lists delistings.

The only way to get these listings on the spamcop black is to have actual spam reported by mutliple folks around the world.  That said, there are a few things you can check to make sure the spam is not coming from those IP addresses.  I believe you have already checked the logs on your mail server.  Next you can check for weird activity on those servers, such as malware or viruses.  After that, you can check your router and for rouge network traffic.  A packet capture utility such as wireshark can be helpful to finding the problem.

As for checking the router, I have had some spam come directly from the spamcop IPs before and it turned out that someone had hacked into the router.  When folks are accessing the router directly, it is possible that they could spoof your IPs.  Also, if these are shared IPs (DHCP) you might want to watch out for that.

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