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Blocked yahoogroups


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Have you seen the other thread talking about yahoogroups that is currently active?

Part of my business comes from the groups I'm a part of.
If you are contacting members of a YahooGroup to promote your business, you are most likely spamming them and could be part of the cause of the blocking.

Basic answer to your questions assuming you are not sending unsolicited messages to the members of the groups:

1. Get your email provider to stop blocking using the SpamCop list (may be very difficult). Spamcop reccomends not using it for blocking but for redirecting to a held area or tagging.

2. Get your email provider to whitelist groups.yahoo.com for your account (they may not wish to do this).

3. Get a different email address signed up for yahoo groups.

4. Read YahooGroups using the web interface.

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And now one can say .. did you take a look at the FAQ (Read before Posting)? It includes a pointer to one existing Topic explaining the siituation (though there are a fair number of other discussions that do exist within these Forums that also deal with the YahooGroup stuff)

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