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reciveing spam through a blogspot account


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Can anyone tell me how to stop spam coming to me through this blogspot site: https;\\enklabloggen,blogspot,com/

I'm getting tired of it. It's always about loans. The spammers post their spam on that site and I can't stop it from coming to my e-mail account. If spam comes through an blogspot account like this, is it still something I can report as spam? I don't want to ruin things by reporting spam that is not something I should report.

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What I do is to block it on my server so I no longer get it but I have my own physical server that I can do so.  Otherwise all you could do is to have it marked as spam so it goes to your spam folder.

My question is, why is this not reportable?  Looking at https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/125.html it says if you signed up and after you tried to unsubscribe, you can report it as spam.  If you never signed up with them, then it would be spam.  I take it from your statement that you probably have already read this page I listed above to find the difference  between reportable and non-reportable.

If this is some sort of spat between friends, then it would not be reportable using spamcop.  What you can do then is to find out who to report it to and forward as an attachment (without using spamcop) to that administrator.  Since the administrator could be the spammer, you should also get this "marked as spam" so it goes to your spam folder.

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I believe that Paerhc is actually subscribed to that blogspot site; iow he wants the information coming from there. At least that's how I understand it...

The problem is, that apparently some spammers are using that blogspot as delivery engine.

The only ones that can prevent that, are the blogspot owners/admins.


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Thank you for your answers! Yes I have a subscription to http://enklabloggen.blogspot.com/   RobiBlue is correct. The spammers are using this site as a delivery engine. However this blogspot site is no longer active and I can't get hold on the owner, and it seems that I can't unsubscribe from it either. I have tried. The only messages from it now are the spammers messages. But even if I subscribed to the site I didn't subscribe to the spammers messages. I just wasn't sure if I could report it or not.

I will do as gnarlymarley suggests and report it as spam. Because it's not something between friends and I don't think the owner of the site is sending the spam. But why the owner of the site doesn't do anything about it I don't know.

Again thank you for your answers!

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