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Need folders recreated


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Well, it could be that the folders are still there and your IMAP account needs to be refreshed or they truely could be gone. I checked my account and all folders are present and accounted for. I also did some testing creating new folders with expected results.

1. How are you trying to access the folders?

a. Pulldown in upper right corner

b. Folders menu

c. IMAP connection from your local client

d. All of the above

If you have not tried to access them from an external source (local client running IMAP) is it possible for you to try that?

2. Are you simply assuming you need a system admin to create folders for you or did you see an error message to that effect?

a. Can you post that error message

Inside webmail, to create a folder from inside the "Folder Navigator", you need to place a checkmark next to the folder you want your new folder placed inside of. Then you use the pulldown for "Create folder" and it will ask you for the name.

If you do not select a folder, the following (rather generic) error message occurs:

The folder "test" was not created. This is what the server said: Invalid mailbox name

3. What name are you trying to use for your folders? There have been reports that if you try to create your own Held Mail folder, the system will not use it. The system should re-create it's own Held Mail folder (possibly when trying to redirect something there) but there was at least one recent report of that not happening and JT (the mail administrator) needed to force the creation. Email support<at>spamcop.net for that help.

I hope something here helps or at least starts us in the right direction.

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You may what to read the following it relates to deleting the heldmail folder and problems getting it recreated.

You should be able to recreate all folders yourself, but the heldmail folder could cause some problems.

90,000+ Held mail - stuck - HELP!, can't clean with Imap, or webmail This is the link to the issue Steve raised

Don't let the title confuse you, it is primarily about deleting and then recreating the heldmail folder. Be sure to read the entire thread.

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The only reference I made to local client is to trying it that way (if possible) to see if the folders are "truely" gone. We have had several instances where messages inside of folders were not being displayed as expected and thought maybe the same was happening for these folders.

If any other descriptions seem incorrect for the webmail interface, please let me know as I was typing the information while performing the steps in another window.

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