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Norton Corp Edition


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You do not mention which Norton product you are using. That could be useful information.

If Norton now can do dnsbl lookups then you probably need to enter "bl.spamcop.net" into the configuration. A manual lookup of IP address a.b.c.d would be: nslookup d.c.b.a.bl.spamcop.net

Let us know if this is the answer (or if you determine another answer) so it can be found by the next person trying to configure Norton.

Thank you

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Steven, it says Corporate Edition in the subject header, could be the bunddle of security, antivirus, anti-spam...etc.


...The only Symantec product on my PC is Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition. That leads me to believe that StevenUnderwood's question is a good one.
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