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SC Mail and Email Viruses


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In particular the way that SC works under the settings:

"Virus Notifications -

When you receive an email with a virus, the original email is discarded and a notification can be sent to you.

Check here if you wish to receive these notifications"

Why discard the entire email? Why not clean the virus and at least forward the sender's details or at least some details of the email so that I can warn them?

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Actually, that entire option is obsolete as spamcop does not forward even the message along any longer.

This was done during one of the major outbreaks last summer where the spamcop servers were brought down due to all the reports that were being sent. There has never been a big uproar of requests to turn them back on.

I agree, if they are turned back on, I would like to see the message cleaned and delivered so I could manually report the IP to the ISP, but my feeling is that too many viruses would be reported as spam. Perhaps if the filter could redirect them to another folder (Held Viruses) and not allow reporting if a spamcop header indicating a virus were present.

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