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Search Page needs and upgrade


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Can the search engine go BACK to having the obviously default fields

ALWAYS shown? The pulldown/popup is a pain...

ie: To, FROM, Date, Subject always visible, no selection needed.

And ALL searches are SLOW and TEDIOUS, even on my zippy HP 866 PIII

workstation. I don't know of any searh pages anywhere as slow as this to setup.

And the search itself is like molasses, ALWAYS.

And PLEASE, add a "search all headers" option. When the system aborts a

parse, many time all we see is a single line, an IP or some received info. *

Impossible to find such messages: I have to search using estimated arrival

time which could be 10-30 spamd to search through to find the match!!!!


* and while I am grousing: PLEASE fix the Parsing page so anything that aborts AT LEAST displays the Subject line so we can go back and find the spam to resubmit. Right now there is NO WAY at all to know which one failed.

And I, for one, don't understand why the speedy, east to use Newsgroup is being replaced bt this system at all!

Don't get me wrong: I love Spamcop.

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