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Giving up on Chinese spam


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I just reported my last spam from 163.com

Since Spamcop closed, and then Knujon closed, and the world gone mad with GDPR, and ICANN gone over to the cyber crime side, and nobody policing Google, Amazon, Facebook or any of the other big boys, I have decided to stop wasting my time reporting any spam other than the ones I can identify the actual spammer / end of the money trail.

All those hundreds of thousands of Chinese spams I've reported over the past two decades has done no good whatsoever. They just keep on coming. 

So any unrecognizable language spams will go directly to the trash.

As we see our fellow spam fighters begin to die out, and the world is becoming increasingly okay with spam, I believe our usefulness is drawing to an end. 

Life is short.   I'm concentrating on what I can change, and ignoring all that I cannot change!

The best thing that could happen is the entire country of China and the Pacific Rim be blocked from the US.  (IMHO) Let them spam themselves, or at least those who can read and understand their language.

Thanks for reading



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20 hours ago, showker said:

Life is short.   I'm concentrating on what I can change, and ignoring all that I cannot change!

I'm hitting Chinese spam all fed by Botnet probably from outside China  but Chinese writing same as "our"  Forum spammer just something to disrupt

Chinese spam need to be forwarded as attachment to abuse [at]12321 [] cn  include what you can in report

For unknown reasons China has a lot of providers with "Port 25" open

Sample auto-ack with report is an open proxy   BOTNET
(Botnet is IP hopping)  spewing spam
anti-spam [ ] ns.chinanet cn net
SEE https://www.abuseat.org/lookup.cgi


If Microsoft Windows Defender is available to your customers, they need to  use it!
THEN Change Password
In the past 88.9 days, it has been listed spewing spam 28 times for a total of 34.6 days


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