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webmail complications

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Apparently Spamcop Webmail is for people smarter than I am. I have been using it for 3 years, but now it has gotten too complicated. This mailhost configuration process has failed several times on my yahoo mail account where I have my mail forwarded. I get no feedback on what is wrong.

I feel it is time to cut the cord. Can anybody tell me how to cancel my webmail account? I'm not too concerned about refund of any money, but I am concerned about getting as far away from the mailhost confusion as I can get.

I have found NO place to contact spamcop by email to make changes, etc.

I am in the process of advising everybody that I know to use a different address, but is there anything else I can do to separate myself from this mess?

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MailHost configuraton is its own deal, evidenced a bit by having its own Forum. It doesn't appear that you've been there to deal with those issues. After just going through a major go-round about "how to contact someone at SpamCop" ... I'll just point to the FAQ once again. But it would make a bit more senes to work out the MailHost thing if this is the only issue.

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I am having a hard time understanding what your real problem is.

First: mailhosts relates to reporting only, if you are using Webmail like me for filtering purposes, then the mail host issue is really no issue at all.

It is not and will not be required for email filtering, only for reporting.

Cancelling your webmail account will do nothing to solve the mailhost issues.

The only way to totally avoid it is to simply stop reporting.

So as I see it the first question is why did you start using SpamCop web mail?

2nd, is it currently meeting your needs for mail handling? If not, simply stop using it. Nothing else is required since you have already stated that you were not looking for a refund.

Remember reporting is only a side benefit which is also availble to anyone as a reporting only account.

If you want to continue to use SpamCop for reporting spam then you will eventually have to deal with the mailhost issue, it is not going away reguardless of wether you use webmail or report only accounts.

Personally I found it fairly easy to set up.

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