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Why do emails received through gmail no longer parse?


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I am a LONG TIME user of spamcop since the early 2000's.  However, I have noticed recently that spamcop reporting gives up on processing any and all of my spam messages.  It tells me to reconfigure my mailhosts.  Yet even after I do that and success receive confirmations from the spamcop robot, I still get the same failure.  I have tried deleting the ARC- headers, as that at least used to work, but now even that fails, and nothing parses correctly at all, no matter what I try.  What am I missing?  Here is the tracking URL and failure message for a typical email that no longer parses when pasted into the Process spam window:


As a quick follow up, I did notice that other users were having success with deleting the first received line appearing in the email.  I did that and go the spam to process successfully.

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careful, the above post could be a password phishing link... I haven't looked into it, but it looks suspicious...


@admins, my post can be deleted if you delete the above post or if the link is safe

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added more details and note to admins
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