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Suggestion for "Held Mail Report"


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I have spamcop set up to e-mail me the held mail report several times a week. The listing is now too long for me to comb through the whole thing anymore, but I still fear that I will miss false-positives. Could I suggest that held mail report be sorted based on the spam score assigned to a particular E-mail, with the lowest scoring held E-mails being listed first? I suspect most false positives will be near the top that way.

If this report is already done this way, thanks in advance, but let me know anyway, I often delete before reading now.



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For some strange reason, they set up the "Held Mail Email Report" option to send a listing of ALL HELD EMAIL SINCE THE LAST TIME YOU LOGGED ONTO WEBMAIL, rather than just reporting held mail that is new since the previous emailed report...

That means that if you get email reports every day (say), then each successive day's report will be bigger than the previous day's report, unless you have logged onto webmail in the interim. They can get quite large, quite fast.

Another oddity is that the listings aren't in order of date received, so you can't just look down past the listings you've already seen, in the previous report, to check the newest held mail for errors.

The only way to keep the "held mail report" to a manageable size, is to log onto webmail every day- which seems to me to negate the value of the emailed report.

This option seems pretty useless to me- in order to check for errors (and the occasional error still occurs, sometimes with very important email!), is to log onto webmail and slog through the slow web interface.

I *really* wish they would change the "held email report" option to act more sensibly...

:unsure: joel.

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I think the design of the Held Mail Report is as a convenience to Customers who receive a very low volume of spam, on average less than one every day or other day, to allow them to avoid checking their Held Mail mailbox/Folder every day or other day, and only notify them that they have Held Mail they should look at when that situation actually happens.

If you have so much Held Mail that it piles up each day, the Held Mail Report is probably not for you, and you should be visiting your Held Mail mailbox/Folder every day or other day.

Also, if you have reported or deleted all your Held Mail each time you have reviewed it for false positives, you won't need to slog through it again the next time.

In addition, you can use an IMAP client to review your Held Mail without having to use Webmail.

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Thanks Jeff- I'll look into the IMAP option.

The webmail interface for checking held mail is just a bit too slow for me, for either reviewing or deleting daily (and I *do* get a humongous amount of spam), and an email report similar to what is now produced, but which only reports *new* spams since the last report, would definitely be a nice option.

I'm not familiar with IMAP, perhaps that'll do the trick for me, I'll check it out.



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