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Your SpamCop ID appears to be a "mole". Please see What is "mole" reporting? and Register as a "mole"? What's this? for details.

As Marjolein would write:

If you don't want to use mole reporting and you have free account:

- Clear your cache and history

- Delete your Spamcop cookies

- Close your browser (all windows, and all programs using a built-in

browser window if your browser is IE)

- Then sign up for a new account using a *different* email address and

make sure you don't indicate mole reporting.

If you don't use a different email address, you'll get your old "mole"

settings back. That's (obviously) a bug, but the only way to get around

it is to use a different email address to sign up as you did when

signing up for mole reporting.

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