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Blank subject, blank TO:, blank body:


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For the past couple of months about 5% of my spam has blank TO:, blank SUBJECT, and blank BODY

The "BODY" is what comes up when I do a VIEW SOURCE of the email, so the emails are sent HTML, not plain text.

Why would a blank email be sent HTML?

What are they testing for with these blank emails?

Are others getting a fair number of these too?

Should I report these as spam? They are annoying.


The "To" feild is empty if address is in "BCC" field, Subjects for email are not required

There are a combination of reasons for blank email

Dumb SpamWare not working

Testing for bounces (dictionary attacks)

Virus sent email (not always with a body)

The Hijacked computer was shut down in mid spam run

If in doubt do not use SpamCop to report spam

however you can submit a personal report and SpamCop will give you the reporting address (In blank body type "Message Body Empty"

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