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My email was spam blocked today


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I suspected my work email has been used by 3rd parties to spam for a while; today saw a genuine email blocked by spamcop.

How can I stop my work email being used to spam?


Do you know what mail server you use?

Do you have control over that mail server?

If your server has been hacked, you need to remove the malicious software and secure your machine.

If the spammer has legitimate rights to your machine, you need to fire him.

Posting a link to the spam would help.

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Should this have been posted to the Blocking List Forum?

"work e-mail" ...???? your address, an e-mail server, ????

If a sever involved, what's the IP address? A copy of the alleged rejection message would contain details crutucal for anyone "here" to guess at what's going on "there"

Have you been to the "Why am I Blocked" FAQ entry yet?

Noted later: user made multiple posts, I had responded to the first one I saw .... Merged both Topics, deleted one of the duplicate posts.

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