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FAQ Entry: Why is my email blocked?

Jeff G.

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IP Addresses that are listed by the SpamCop Blocking List are normally delisted 48 hours after the last spam report is processed.

The following text by Merlyn has helped others to understand the process in the past. Please also see "How can I get removed from SpamCop's blocking system?" at http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/76.html and John's explanation at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=140&st=5.

Lets go through this step by step together. Please read this carefully and

do not just scan it otherwise you will not understand the process.

1.) If you did not post the entire message you received about your email

being blocked it will be very hard to help you solve your problem.

2.) Next we will talk about why Spamcop cannot block your email.

Spamcop has no access to your email. When you send your email it goes

through your ISP's email server and travels through the Internet until it

reaches the ISP's server of the person you are sending your mail to then

their ISP's server routes it to their mailbox. Spamcop has no access to

either server or to the process between servers.

3.) Next we will discuss why you think Spamcop blocked you email.

You probably received a "bounced" email saying something like:

451 Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx:


email from xxx.com blocked,refused by Spamcop,see http://www.spamcop.net


Anything saying your email was "blocked" by Spamcop and they directed you to

some page on the Spamcop site.

4.) Now we will talk about who is "really" blocking your email

Remember how we discussed the way your email traveled from your computer to

the recipients computer in #2? The only person who could block your email

is the recipients ISP or the recipient themselves. Most likely the

recipients ISP is using the Spamcop List (we will discuss this in the next

part #5) and they have blocked this email because the sending ISP's server

is a known source of spam on the Internet. You should be complaining to

your ISP because they allow spammers to use their resources which in turn

caused your email to get blocked. You ISP did receive complaints. You could

also contact the recipients ISP asking them to "whitelist" you. They

recipients ISP decided on their own to incorporate this list into their

email server software. Now you say you do not send spam but before you get

upset, read the next part about how this list is compiled by Spamcop.

5.) What is the Spamcop List and why do ISP's use it?

Spamcop runs a service for reporting spam. This is a free service where

people either send their spam email or copy their spam email in a form that

parses the email to find out where it originated from. Once the amount of

spam reaches a calculated amount the originating server is placed on the

list of spammers. This list is made freely available to anyone running an

email server to use to enable them to block email originating from known

spam servers.

This list only contains IP numbers and not email addresses as email

addresses in the "From" field can be readily forged and are not reliable.

The only reliable source is the IP address the spam originated from.

for more detailed information on how Spamcop works see:


6.) Final Notes (VERY IMPORTANT)

Before you start getting upset just remember what brought you here. Your

email was blocked, not by Spamcop but the ISP of the person you were sending

your email to. Spamcop has no control over what they do with their servers.

Also, get proactive and help stop the flow of spam. Complain to your ISP

because it is their servers that are being blocked. Let them know that you

are paying for email service in your contract with them and they are not

able to provide you with this service because they allow spammers to abuse

their servers.

I think you would agree with me that everyone is tired of receiving mortgage

quotes, penis enlargement, breast enhancement, weight loss, nude 40 year old

teenage sluts, Viagra, vacation, lottery, prescription drug, business

opportunities, genealogical, university degrees, gambling, get rich quick,

MLM, pyramid schemes, Web Cams, Russian brides, work from home, stock scams,

pirated software and everything else that is force fed into our inboxes.

If you have any more questions please post them here, there are many people

willing to assist. And remember most people in this group are here to help

you and they did not block your email so do not take your wrath out on them.


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