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spamcop reporting

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Have you looked through the forums here or the FAQ? Some Mailwasher users have had problems since spamcop changed some things a while back. I think they were getting error messages back, however.

There are several other possibilities.

First, some ISP's have employed spam filters on their outgoing messages so the spam never reaches spamcop. If there is nothing to report when you go to your reporting page, this is a likely cause.

Sometimes the confirmation gets trapped by an ISP's filters. If the messages submitted are ready to report, this is a possible cause.

If spamcop has received bounces from your address, they will stop sending you the messages. You would see a link to re-enable your address on the reporting page if this were the case.

Just a few of the more common reasons.

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If there is no link to report waiting spam, then the spam likely never reached the spamcop servers.

my own web mail server

That is not a very specific statement. Is it a web and mail server (serving web pages and sending and receiving email for your domain) or is it a webmail server (which usually is ony a client viewing data on another server somewhere) or something else entirely.

Read the FAQ at the top of any forum, specifically the topics: E-Mail spam submittals blocked by your ISP? and Emailed spam Submissions Disappearing?, No Confirmation e-mails?

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Are "you" running that e-mail server or is it a part of the web-hosting package at ev1.net? The difference is whether you are in control of it or you are a user behind ev1's configurations/filtering/etc.

As referenced in a number of other discussions, one troubleshooting step would include CC:ing to yet another account elsewhere to verify that the spam submittals are in fact leaving the ev1 servers. I do have a FAQ entry listing some known ISPs that have started (silently) deleting outgoing traffic that "looks like spam" .... does ev1 need to be added to that list ..???

One of the types of accounts offered is in fact a free-reporting type. The use of Mailwasher-Pro adds other possibilities and issues into the mix though. How sure are you that this application has been set up correctly / as you think it was? Have you tried submitting something in a way not using MailWasher but using your SpamCop account?

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