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Problem using SCBL from AT&T Explained

Jeff G.

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Julian's explanation at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...st=0entry1904 was as follows:

I have discussed this problem with ATT's tier-2 DNS support for business customers (very nice, responsive, professional folks). They are intentionally blocking the spamcop list queries - supposedly because of the extra load on their main DNS servers causing problems for other non-list-using customers. While I think that reasoning is lame, I respect their decision. Perhaps if they get enough complaints, they'll change the policy.

They provide other DNS servers which don't include this "feature" but ask that their customers contact them directly for the correct IPs. I have created a new FAQ with this information.

Having said all that, I think JeffG cuts to the chase with that list of alternate IPs. ATT reps have asked that I not publish that information in the FAQ (so that only ATT customers will use it).




This is not mirrored as I write, so here's the content:

Q: Why can't I get to the blocking list from ATT's network?

A: ATT's business networks DNS department has decided to block DNS requests for the SpamCop blocking list, as well as other popular DNS-based lists, because of the extra load on their servers.

They do however provide a workaround for their customers. If you are an ATT business customer, you can contact ATT for information on secondary DNS servers which don't prevent the use of DNS-based lists.

Visit ATT's DNS page (https://mis-att.bus.att.com/mys/dns_res_terms.html) or call 888-613-6330 (option 3,1) for more details. You will be asked to prove you are an ATT business customer.

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