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Single email address blocked


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One of the users on my email server is getting tagged as spam by spamcop.

Here is the message I get when I view options in the message using Outlook

X-IMAIL-spam-DNSBL: (SpamCop,8a74030501948999,

Does spamcop block individual e-mail addresses?

If so, how do I get that address cleared?


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I had the user send me an e-mail, we are both on the same mail server. When I receive the message the following is added to the subject:


When I view options of the message, I get:

X-IMAIL-spam-DNSBL: (SpamCop,86c1049502a288bf,

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SpamCop members list which can be used for blocking

(although members use the list to sort email into spam folder for checking)

the Computer sending spam from a IP address (not an email address)

The one who's computer is being blocked is probably comprimised meaning all Information on it is open and the computer itself can be operated by Spammers and or whoever

Use my signature links to secure that (your) computer

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There are no spamcop reports for that IP (

It is possible that this IP being an MCI IP is being boycotted by thousands of email administators lately.

There is also some talk around the internet of an IDP against MCI for their spam support. MCI has been the worst ISP for spam hosting for a while now.


Should MCI Be Profiting From Knowingly Hosting spam Gangs?


Also See:


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There are two possibilities why spamcop is not blocking that IP address at the moment.

One takes the senderbase information into account. When the volume goes up, it may mean that there is a trojanned machine there. Spammers will use the trojanned machine in bursts to avoid listing on spamcop. It may not be listed it now, but it will be listed not long from now because the spammer will send another burst of spam.

The other possibility is that whoever is blocking that email address is blocking it based on some other criterion than the spamcop bl, but attributing it to the spamcop bl.

Miss Betsy

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