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PCMag and Zinio


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I recently received an unsolicited html email (advertisement) from Zinio,

stating that my copy of PCMag was now available. Apparently, this is just

a scam to get you to download the Zinio "reader" and get one "sample" copy

of PC Mag. PC Mag has my email address from "utility download" services.

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Thank you for the warning, but while they may be related, it may also be that people with no contact with PCMag got the same spam. It may be just Zinio using the PCMag name to lend credibility to it's product and get more people to download it.

Once they asked for a special "reader" flags would have gone off in my head and I would have dropped the adventure. Far too many spyware programs to install any reader that comes along.

I have no proof, but would think you made a good call at least alerting us to the possibility of a problem.

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