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Webmail login failure


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I can not logon to web mail what can I do to fix was Ok on Sunday feb. 6 2005

kenduitmarketing[at]spamcop.net I get error message dns not there


Working fine here. Try emptying your cookie jar, clearing your cache, resetting your internet connection, and restarting your computer. And please post in the appropriate forum.

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Yet another post moved from the Blocking Forum back into this existing Topic.

Not seen is any evidence of any troubleshooting attempted by kenduit. Not seen is any real data. Not seen is what tools / Operating System is in use. Not seen is the massive flood of complaints if the problem were anywhere other than at this one user's end of the (attempted) connection. Not stated is whether or not the same computer is in use to make these postings, which would have at least answered whether that system had any connection or was failing at only one connection target. Not stated is whether the account is in good standing or not or if that question has even been entertained (although it's doubtful that a DNS error would be indicative of an expired account)

System hijacked?

Hosts file modified or put in place?

New firewall or some other software installed?

Just a few items of interest if there is really an answer being sought.

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