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FAQ Entry: How To Stop Filtering With The SCBL

Jeff G.

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Here is the procedure for turning off the check of the SCBL (AKA SpamCop Block List and bl.spamcop.net check):

  • Login to Webmail (if you haven't already).
  • Click "Options" on the top row, which should take you to the "Mail :: User Options" Page.
  • Click "SpamCop Tools" near the top of the middle "Mail Management" column, which should take you to the "Mail :: User Options" / SpamCop Tools Page (shortcuts: secure and insecure).
  • Click "Select your email filtering blacklists." near the left middle of the page, which should take you to the "Mail :: Blacklist Filters" / Blacklists Page (shortcuts: secure and insecure).
  • Scroll down to the "DNS Blacklists" section.
  • To the left of "SpamCop Blacklist" (which should really read "SpamCop BlockList"), uncheck the checkbox. This will stop the SCBL from being used to filter your mail.
  • Make any other changes as appropriate.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the "Submit" Button. This will save any changes you made.
  • Scroll to the bottom again and this time click the "Return to SpamCop Tools" Link (shortcuts: secure and insecure) to return you to the "Mail :: User Options" / SpamCop Tools Page.
  • Click the "Save Options" Button in the bottom left corner. This may not in fact be necessary for "SpamCop Options".
  • Click another Button on the top row to go back to what you were doing, and later Logout as appropriate.

Note: The preceding is from a previous post I wrote.

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