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Parsing of embedded Email addresses


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The link you provided only works when you are logged in with your username and password. For public discussion, please use the TRACKING URL that SpamCop gives you for every spam that you submit.

SpamCop does not parse mailto: links. If you are confident that the email address is really used by the spammer, a manual LART is probably your best option.

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The reason that spamcop does not parse email addresses in the spam is that the spammers put too many 'innocent bystander' email addresses in the spam. Although spamcop did not advise reporting them, reporters checked those boxes.

The 419 scams are the only ones that continue to use email addresses to contact them, because, I believe, it is too easy for ISPs to kill email addresses and most ISPs will. Other spammers of products find that web sites are easier to use and harder to be killed.

I always report the email addresses in the 419 scams, but rarely am I the first one to do so. If manual reporting is a chore for you, then don't feel bad about not reporting them.

Miss Betsy

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