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Missing URLs, I wanna report!


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Your spammer is aware of the limits to genetrate the "Too many links" message in the spamcop parser.

That was added when spammers were posting many legitimate links trying to get their spam to look legit and too many innocent parties were being notified.

You can report them manually, especially since you have altrady determined the reporting adress.

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Ahh, that explains it.

I saw the yahoo, and wondered if SC dug up the same reporting to: addy... When None were dug up, I posted here.

Thanks for the info.

Since all the links resolve to the same IP, would it not be prudent to report anyway?

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That is true but that IP is actually owned by:


descr: NWT IP Network

origin: AS17444

remarks: 128 Class C from AS17444

notify: radb_admin[at]newworldtel.com

mnt-by: MAINT-AS17444

changed: radb_admin[at]newworldtel.com 20040301

source: RADB

Their abuse addy is abuse[at]newworldtel.com

The addresses you are looking at are the spammers.

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