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Abnormal QMail Install

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I administer a QMail server for a small-ish ISP that has ended up on the spamcop blacklist several times over the last week for the misdirected bounces issue. I would love nothing more than to install the CHKUSER, SPAMCONTROL, or QMAIL-LDAP utilities/patches to fix this problem, and make my users and spamcop happy. Problem is, this email server was built by a third-party and was installed from RPM, not directly from source. Therefore, all of the instructions included with the aforementioned patches don't apply to my situation, and I don't have the QMail expertise to figure this out myself, or re-install QMail. To top it off, the company that built the server won's return my calls or emails, and my 400+ users are ready to rip my head off! Any suggestions or assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!



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Quick reply .. try Google using "qmail configuration" for a search term .. maybe adding in your specific *NIX version to scope the results down a bit .... technically, it matters not gow you obtained and installed it, as it still uses configuration files to accomlish its mission. There really isn't an easy way for someone to guess from this side of the screen as to what to tell you specifically, specially when you've provided so little data.

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I wouldn't have posted to this forum if I had not exhausted all other avenues of research. I may not know much about QMail, but as the operator of a data center, I do know how to leverage the Internet and fellow admin resources to find the answers I'm looking for. Typically, the suggestions I receive in forums have more to do with my poor grammar or what a lame N00B I am, rather than providing useful information. However, since I must resolve this problem quickly, I am hoping that this forum proves to be different.

Sorry about the lack of info. My server is running:

Fedora Core 2

qmail 1.03

vpopmail 5.40

qmailadmin 1.06

This QMail deployment was installed entirely from a group of heavily modified RPMs from a third party vendor, whom is conveniently unavailable to help. The three utilities that are mentioned on this site all seem to require a source install, unless I am mistaken. The directions for install chkuser, spamcontrol and qmail-ldap all reference editing the source, re-compiling with calls to the respecitve scripts, and re-installing. I guess what I need to know is:

A. Is it possible to do this with an RPM install. I mean, I could get the source and slap it on my server, bu what happens when I recomplie and install over an RPM install? My guess is that I won't have to worry about SpamCop blocking my sender's mail anymore, since the server will be completely jacked.

- or -

B. Has anyone else out there ever had to do this? Maybe there is some secret RPM out there that will zap my Qmail and make it spam-cop friendly, something designed for tards like me whom have no right using a C compiler.

Thanks in advance!


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I'm not sure of all the issues involved that you see as problems .. I'll clarify that by stating that modifying source and recompiling is how *NIX works. RPMs are just one version of a "package" that would normally include all files needed to build/run an application. However, your description of "heavily modified RPMs from a third party vendor" is actually pretty scary, especially when you've not identified this source in either post.

Some quick reference spots to include how to install your own "clean" copy;





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