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Can't See First Page of My Inbox

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:blink: Help!  My inbox has 57 messages in it but I can only see the seven that are on page two.  When I click to go to page one -- where messages 1-50 should be -- the page is blank, except for the usual webmail stuff up top.



Could an admin move this to the correct forum please? <_<



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I would have sworn that there was a posting yesterday from someone complaining about seeing a 'blank' page instead of their list of e-mails .. was going to Merge this one into that discussion .. but, I can't find the other Topic that I thought I saw yesterday .. so simply Moving this to the E-Mail account Forum ...

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As it was a "Move" .. there's still a pointer in the place that you originally posted ... thus there was no need seen for a PM.

As far as an answer, not a clue. You might help by offering up a few details ... what software is in use, what connection type is being attempted, what you've done thus far at your end the clear things ..???? Worst case, PM me your account details, I can try to log in from here .. that will at least rule out part of the problem ..???

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OK...happens from every computer where I try to access webmail (webmail.spamcop.net). Two Win2K desktops (Internet Explorer 6.0) -- one at work (Verizon DSL) and one at home (RoadRunner cable modem) and my iBook (Firefox -- also RoadRunner). I have my options set to display 50 messages on a page. Can never see the first page of messages -- i.e., the first 50 -- regardless of how many messages are in the inbox. Those that I can see, I can work with normally -- reply, delete, etc. This is something new and weird that started happening about three days ago.

Have tried setting my options to display 150 messages at a time just to see what what would happen and saw no messages at all.

I can retrieve all of the the messages with my e-mail program (Apple Mail) via POP. I have it set to leave the messages on the SpamCop server rather than delete them, since I almost always need access to some of them from other locations besides home, where I only have webmail access. I delete them off the SpamCop server manually when I no longer need them.

This morning, I cannot get the SpamCop webmail login page to display on my iBook at home, although I was able to get it to display and log in from my Win2K machine at home.

Very weird...have been using SpamCop for years without a problem.

I will try to PM you my account details.


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I'm lost .... I tried this from my main system .. figured that it was simply too locked down .. grabbed a keyboard connected to one of my sacrificial systems .. still no go ...

I dropped the exclamation point on the password, which changed things a little but .. for instance, there is a "last logged in" nessage at the top of the screen that now shows my IP, but I'm still looking at a "login failed for some reason" message, asking me to try again .... However, when setting up an IMAP account, I had to include the exclamation point ... That ended up showing me 38 messages in Held Folder, 48 total in the Inbox, 529 in the Trash ... so doesn't appear right off to be an issue of too much quantity ...

However, there's a 10Meg "Failure Notice" e-mail sitting in the InBox .... This may be part of the issue, (as a matter of fact, another user experienced this within the last week .. one huge e-mail causing time-outs.)

At this point in time, I can't duplicate your screen issue as I can't seem to login on the webmail screen .. so you've got me asking for help here also <g> But, I'm going with the massive e-mail right now ... guessing that if you give that first screen more time, it will eventually load ..????? (on the other, it could be deleted from this IMAP screen ??)

I can't even try to mirror your iBook experience, still waiting on a part to splice into the power cord and replace that damed proprietary connecter they're using (even the folks I'm getting the patch cable from state that they can't buy the connector alone either)

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Permission granted to post the following;

OK. I just went into my Yahoo! mail account (which I almost never use) and set it up to pop all the mail out of SpamCop and delete the messages from the SpamCop server. I saw the "failure" message -- know what it is...motorcycle safety ppt presentation that is now linked somewhere so the file isn't needed. Left nothing from the Inbox on the SpamCop server. Sent a test message from the Yahoo! account. It arrived OK, as did two other messages at about the same time. I am seeing them all. Maybe it *was* that large, ugly failure notice that was creating the problem.

Unless I experience further aggro, I'm going to consider the problem solved. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. As far as I am concerned, you people are doing God's work there. I am a writer and my e-mail address is, by necessity, all over the place. If not for y'all, my e-mail would be all but unusable due to the volume of spam I receive

Would love to have some of this in the Topic .. at least to show that some of it got worked out, though noting that the kind words would go a long way for a lot of folks, being so much more accustomed to the "why am I blocked" angry mode <g>

Your account data will be vaporized in my systems in a few ... back to like I never met you <g> ... though admitting I'd like to figure out why I can't log into the webmail connection ... thanks for working with "us" <g>

Further noting that my login issues appear to have been something going on at cesmail ... Steven kicked me his data, and naturally, I was able to log right in (thanks Steven) .. and then went back and tried webdoyenne's data and logged in with no issues on my "secured" system ... wierd ... but again, thanks to all involved!

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