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I'm thinking this forum should be made invisible to search engines.

Rough call. On one hand the search tool in this application basically sucks, so the search engine listing are a real benefit. Getting the knowledge out on finding / fixing servers and reducing the spam spew is a good thing. But yes, sometimes it sems like too much data is available, e-mail addresses as an example ...

I just looked up my domain and SpamCop is listed on the first page.

A bit unqualified, but ... someone searching for "your product" wouldn't normally execute that search by putting in your domain name (if they had that, they'd more likely simply go to your web-site) ... Not mentioned is what search engine was involved, how many other places link to your site, etc. One could take the other approach in that having that "one more" link to "well known" site also has the tendency to raise your other page placement rankings on some search engines.

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