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I define spam as unsolicited email.

What I don't understand is overposting spammers. Do they really think I'm more likely to buy their manhood stretcher if they send me the same spam fifty times a day? I only have one to stretch, so one offer will suffice.

This week it is prescription drugs. They change the subject line, and send it to me fifty times per day:

wicked drug/s to keep you going

wicked d)rugs to keep you going

wicked dru!gs to keep you going

wicked dru/gs to keep you going

You see a pattern here?

So, my mission this week is to report all wicked drugs spam and I hope you do too!!


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I have seen them (91 since 3/22, before that they have been purged) and quick reported every one. The ones I received were mostly coming through different paths (at least those I paid close attention to) though every one was reported from my Held Mail folder, so they were blocked by one of the bl's already.

I thought it was some noob spammer trying out his brand new money making scheme with out reading the manual. ;)

Now 95, and the last one was caught by xbl.spamhaus.org.

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Every one I have reported has gone to a different ISP. Some to Korea, some to China, Japan, and even a couple to locals like Comcast.

It started a few days ago, and I did not report them at first. I only deleted them after hitting them with Spambayes (actually Spambayes caught them all).

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