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Should spam also get reported to the FTC?


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My bad.  I've been trialing something like 6 different e-mail clients and must've remembered the wrong one.  Or, for some old reason, I got stuck in that mode of forwarding e-mails in OE.  That or I really pulled a boner and have missed that option for a long time.  Actually, as one of the many links I was following before (in trying to find another FAQ you mentioned), I had read http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3571.  It discusses the same copy/paste method that I mention to be using (copy/paste of the raw message data), and that forwarding (as inline) is bad, but it never really does mention forwarding as attachment, not even in the summary.  Too bad I can't remove the Forward toolbar button and replace it with a Forward As Attachment button, or have a global option to choose to always forward as an attachment.  Not even OE's help mentions forwarding as attachment.  The default is what likely gets used.


I just Replied to that Topic, please see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...indpost&p=27435.
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Update (and perhaps drifting a bit more off-topic):

I fixed the problem with yanking e-mails to OE that had .eml attachments (yet other filetypes worked okay as attachments). Did LOTS of stuff but eventually found that disabling the e-mail scanning of the anti-virus program (CA EzAntivirus) solved the problem.

While sending test e-mails to myself, suddenly a different problem appeared that they would get deleted upon receipt. Turns out my IP address was on the SORBS list but happened just around 3AM. No problem before sending test e-mails from myself to myself until then. Then I did an "ipconfig /all" and found my IP lease had expired at 2:51AM and I got a new one, and the new one was in a SORBS zombie list. I wrote them, they wrote back, and the IP address range (a rather wide swath) is no longer listed by them. When I was blocked, their record was "last updated" way back on Jan 21. Their reply said they just updated their zombie list (way back when they last tested, my new and now current IP address was not yet allocated by ARIN to Comcast). ARIN had updated their record to show the IP range had been allocated to Comcast just over a month and a half ago. Apparently SORBS doesn't update their zombie lists too often. I'll probably stop using them with their records being so old.

I found SpamSource will attach a .txt file to a spam report sent to SpamCop, and now I got forward as attachment working in OE, so I'll do the recommended method of sending the report to SpamCop with the spam as an attachment. So back to a prior question about putting comments in the body of the message. Since the spam will now be an attachment, does it matter if I add anything to the body of my message? SpamCop will parse out the text MIME part with disposition=attached (i.e., the attached spam) and presumably won't bother with the rest of the body. If there is an attachment, is that the only part that SpamCop will parse on for the spam?

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Since the spam will now be an attachment, does it matter if I add anything to the body of my message? ... If there is an attachment, is that the only part that SpamCop will parse on for the spam?


The parser will try to parse the body as well as any attachments for any email sent to your confidential submit address.

If you are contemplating doing what I think you are contemplating doing (forwarding spam as attachment to your confidential submit address as well as to interested parties like the FTC, the FDA, the SEC, and NASDAQ, etc.), please make sure that your submit address is BCC'd, so that it doesn't leak to the other interested parties. I have already seen a confidential submit address show up in court papers filed by the FTC.

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