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Why did this happen?


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I just submitted 11 spam emails via the free reporting system and all of them bounced back undeliverable with the following message:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its

recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:


This message has been rejected because it has

an apparently executable attachment "__SPAM_ Re_ i want to tell you somethin' j jnl away.eml"

This is a virus prevention measure.

If you meant to send this file then please

package it up as a zip file and resend it.

If you did not send this message originally

it is likely that a virus falsely used your


The attachment is the email itself - it doesn't contain any further attachments. I use OE 6 and simply sent them by clicking "forward as attachment" like I always do. Is it me or is there a glitch?

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It appears that your ISP erroneously assumes that .eml files are always viruses. Please try to convice them that this assumption is invalid.

While you are waiting for them to change their thinking, there are several workarounds:

  • Since you are posting in the SpamCop Email Forum, I assume that you are a SpamCop Email System Customer. Just drag the spam into your imap.spamcop.net Held Mail Folder and use VER to report.
  • Report using the web form.
  • Paste the spam into a blank email (no attachment) and send that to your submit address.
  • Save the spam to disk using a .txt extension, and forward the .txt files to your submit address.


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Well that's worrying, my ISP is Freeserve - probably the largest provider in the UK (and the deafest). It worked fine up until this morning, it couldn't be anything in my settings could it? I just tried to send various emails as attachments to myself at various addresses including Yahoo, all bounced.

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