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[Resolved] "Unreported Spam Saved: Report Now"

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My first posting, so please be gentle!

In the past few days, the Report Now link has failed to work for me. I keep getting a "page cannot be found" msg.

I've checked that my password is correct. I've deleted all my old cookies and re-enabled cookies.

If I paste the spam into the form, that works just fine. Just can't use the Report Now link to report the spam that I've forwarded via e-mail.

Any other suggestions? All assistance gratefully received.



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There is probably a stuck spam that you submitted and that the reporting system has choked on. You have a few viable choices at this point:

1. Use the "Remove all unreported spam" Link, sacrificing your submitted unreported spam, and get on with your life immediately. This is definitely the way to go if all your submitted unreported spam is over 48 hours old.

2. Ask the Deputies (via their address deputies <at> spamcop.net) to troubleshoot the problem, in order to reduce the likelihood that you or anyone else will experience the same problem again. This could take a while.

3. A combination of the above (2, wait until frustrated, then 1).

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