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Except that Spamcop's advice is to NOT block mail based on the BL, but rather to flag it somehow (separate folder or whatever) so that the end-user can make the final determination. Nonetheless, many ISPs, wishing to devote the least amount of resources to spam possible, simply bounce or delete spam from IPs on the BL.

Now to the topic at hand - Spamcop offers SpamAssassin, which does look at content, so it is processing the content. It is, though, a leap going from matching strings in the content against a limited set of rules to a lookup of thousands of partial URLs or domains. (And many spammers rotate through seemingly randomized domains, making that strategy less effective.)

I will also comment that while SpamAssassin has many features in the software, I don't think Spamcop is using them all, including the Bayesian filter. I have not seen any reference to Bayesian filters in the list of rules matched by spam in Spamcop.

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